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How to ensure that your Load Tests are Successful

cloud-load-testingMany institutions run load tests when they want to determine the performance of the WedLogic Applications they are using. However, these companies experience one main problem: they never get the results they need because the load test fails most of the time. Others do not even complete the load tests.

There are some companies that have been running and failing load tests for a very long time. This happens mostly because of two reasons. The first reason is because the companies failed to create the load generations scripts in the right way. The scripts written by the companies assumed that it was a new user all this while. The second reason of failing the load test is because of a wrongly written line in the code. If you identify the problem why you have been failing the test, it will be very easy to make your load tests successful in few days.

Individuals who want to launch their web application successfully should be very keep when emulating production data. It is very important for these individuals to be able to deal with any performance issues as fast as possible. If you want your load tests to always be successful, use those two initiatives:

• First of all, make sure that the load generation scripts are a representative of what your production traffic looks like.
• It is also crucial to identify and solve any issues that are keeping the load tests from becoming successful.

The load test can be complex or simple. The simple test is done by running a script from your desktop against the WebLogic application (and to run the test, you can also use these application monitoring tools). When this is accomplished, the individual records the results and then determines the pass or fail for the effort. This low volume test is instrumental in helping the owners of the application to feel comfortable when preparing to launch the application.

The complex applications need bigger and more complicated procedures. These high volume applications should always be written and also architected for the bigger load. When dealing with these applications, companies get a comprehensive test plan. For a company, the load test cost might be millions of dollars.

The generation tools used in the tests are also different. They can range from the simple request browser to the complex load-testing tools that have different controllers and agents. It is important for companies to get the right generation tools so that they can get the correct results.

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